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Geforce 6800 - the next generation

1. Anti-aliasing

NVIDIA was the first IHV that introduced Multisampling anti-aliasing to the PC graphics market since 2001 with the GeForce3 class of accelerators (NV20). It supported 2x rotated grid (RGMS), Quincunx (2xRGMS + 5-tap blur filter) and 4x ordered grid (OGMS) Multisampling. Changes in NV25 (GF4Ti) and NV3x (GF FX) were minor, with the difference that hybrid Super-/Multisampling modes had been added.

The company received a lot of criticism – especially during the NV3x era – for not supporting also 4xRGMS, while the competition did since fall 2002. It’s not that there isn’t a quality difference at all between 2xRG and 4xOGMS, yet it is in analogy that small, that it hardly justifies the added performance penalty for 4xOGMS (especially in high resolutions), considering that both modes result to a 2*2 sampling grid. Granted edge equivalent resolution (EER) isn’t the “be all–end all” with anti-aliasing, yet with pure Multisampling it gains in importance.

With the NV40 (GF 6) class of accelerators the company finally introduced a 4xRGMS mode and thus finally delivers an equivalent sampling grid as the competition with 4x sample MSAA. Hybrid modes still exist and some can be exposed through 3rd party tweaking applications.

Let’s have a closer look at what each mode really looks like, with Colouless’ DX9FSAA Viewer:

2xRGMS (2*2 EER):

4xRGMS (4*4 EER):

8x (4xRGMS + 1*2OGSS) (4*8 EER):

(Unofficial modes exposed through Rivatuner)

4xS (1*2xOGSS + 2xRGMS) (2*4 EER):

8xS (4xOGSS + 2xRGMS) (4*4 EER):

Of course are there other anti-aliasing modes I’ve left out (2x vertical SS, 2x horizontal SS, 2*2 SS, Quincunx, 4x – 9-tap and 6xS) which can be enabled via Rivatuner or 3Dcenter’s Atuner, yet they deliver only minor differences compared to the modes above.

Update: I was obviously wrong since I concentrated too much on the VS2.0 test results. The 6800 has besides one quad, also one VS unit disabled and thus 5 operational VS units after all.

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 Geforce 6800 - the next genera...
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