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Geforce 6800 - the next generation

I can hear already the objections why I used in tests for example 4xS, which isn’t officially exposed in the driver control panel and got to enable it via third party tweaking applications. I found the results quite interesting and I’d prefer if NVIDIA would expose 4xS in it’s driver control panel for the new line of accelerators.

First comes F1 2002; both 4xS and the (old) 8xS (4xSS + 2xMS) are working with the game, the latter though is rather unplayable unless one drops the resolution . On the other hand driver 8x (2xSS + 4xMS) mode isn’t working with the game or to be more precise only the 4xRGMS part of the mode works, while there isn’t a sign of any Supersampling when I set it to 8x. The specific game used to have problems with the other two modes and SSAA with former drivers in the past too and it looks like the problem is application specific.

F1 2002
4xS + 16xAF
Maximum in game detail

Italy Monza

Frames: 4372 - Time: 106593ms - Avg: 41.015 - Min: 28 - Max: 50

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Frames: 3953 - Time: 100328ms - Avg: 39.400 - Min: 27 - Max: 55

Malaysia, Sepang (weather conditions= rain)

Frames: 4767 - Time: 135547ms - Avg: 35.168 - Min: 20 - Max: 46

Not bad at all. It gets a bit tough with the rain, yet it’s a racing game and one shouldn’t need high framerates like in FPS games.

Image quality with the small portion of SSAA and AF though comes a lot closer to being almost ideal compared to MSAA/AF. It shouldn’t happen in relatively recent games; hybrid AA or pure Supersampling modes weren’t playable and especially in that resolution when the game was released, nor did high end accelerators back then deliver =/>3900 Mpixels/s fill-rate and more than 22GB/sec memory bandwidth.

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 Geforce 6800 - the next genera...
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